Heavy rain and flooding possible tonight plus very gusty winds!

HEAVY RAIN AND FLOODING THREAT: Light and spotty showers have overspread the area so far today. Wet weather moved in around lunchtime as expected, but the steady rain will hold off until this evening. Moderate to heavy rain is to be expected tonight which will carry the possibility of flooding. By about 5-6 PM, steady rain showers should take over all of southern PA. Later tonight, by about 11 PM the more intense rain will begin to track in. With heavier rain showers moving in, winds will get gusty as well. Gusts between 30 and 40 mph will be possible during the overnight time period (Thursday night). The good news is that most of us will likely be sleeping during the time when the worst conditions will be most prevalent. Waking up tomorrow morning, some dry periods will be likely before another wave of shower activity moves in by the afternoon and into Friday evening. We will dry out from any precipitation by early Saturday morning. Given the possibility of 1.5-2.0″ of rain with this system, a Flood Watch goes into effect Thursday evening at 7 PM and will be in effect through Friday evening at 10 PM.

WINDY, COLDER WEEKEND: After a HOT official start to winter (Friday), with temperatures in the 50s, this weekend will be much colder. Temperatures will be dropping back down into the low 40s for highs, although this is still a bit above average for this time of year. However, it will not feel like the 40s – very gusty winds will persist through the weekend, mainly on Saturday. Wind chills will be stuck in the mid 30s all weekend long. Gusts in the 30 mph range will be possible on Saturday, and slightly less gusty winds on Sunday. These conditions continue into Monday as well. On Sunday night, a weak disturbance in the upper levels of the atmosphere will slide through south-central PA bringing the threat of a few flurries. I don’t believe this will amount to anything major aside from some flurries. The chances of a White Christmas are still low, but not zero! We will continue to monitor the potential for some snow showers Christmas Day!

The FOX43 Weather Team is keeping you “Weather Smart” 7 days a week!

Have a terrific Thursday!

Meteorologist Jessica Pash

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