Tina Brosius will soon be released from prison

LOWER PAXTON TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. --  A Dauphin County woman convicted of murdering her newborn daughter in the 1990's will soon be released from prison.

Governor Tom Wolf recently granted Tina Brosius clemency.

The commutation comes five years after supporters first petitioned to reduce her sentence.

Brosius has spent the past 24 years in prison. Over the past 15, members of Calvary United Methodist Church in Dauphin County prayed for her freedom.

"For 15 years, she was on our prayer list. We have a prayer list every week, for 15 years. She has been the first name, Tina Brosius," said Steve Gross, Brosius' attorney.

Now, those prayers have finally been answered.

Brosius faced a lifetime sentence for the murder of her newborn baby at Brightbill Park in Lower Paxton Township.

Brosius gave birth to a babygirl and let her die in the sewage at the bottom of a portable toilet at the park.

Now, some say it's a second chance at life for Brosius.

"She is floating right now. She is just ecstatic," added Gross.

Gross says Brosius' parents didn't know she was pregnant at the time. With two children already at the age of 18, Gross says they threatened to kick Brosius out if she had a third.

Gross, who was originally against what Brosius did, says he had a change of heart five years ago.

"At the time, and I told Tina, this when I first met her, and she allowed me to take her case, I said, 'Tina, I'll tell you, I was not on your side at the beginning', I was saying, 'hey, she got what she deserved."

Faith though led Gross in a new direction.

"I don't want to get too religious, but by the Grace of God, someone, somewhere, had said, 'look Steve, you have the ability to help this person out, and you have the opportunity, and you should do that... so that's what I did," explained Gross.

Gross is a current member of Calvary United Methodist Church.

Gross says Brosius has lived a model life while imprisoned and that she is deeply remorseful for what she did.

Gross has a message ahead of his client's release.

"We all make mistakes. Some are worse than others, but we have to be a little more forgiving, a little more loving of one another to make the world work," he said.

Brosius is expected to be released from prison within the next two to four weeks.

Gross says she will have to stay at a halfway house for a year and will spend the rest of her life on parole.

Gross added that she will likely have a job and a car thanks to the support of members at the church.

One of Brosius' two daughters posted online, saying how happy she is for her mom to finally be coming home.

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