First Responders work non-stop, despite the holidays

YORK -- 'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the firehouse. Not a siren was sounding and not even the bell.

'"When we come in, its just like being at work any other day," said Will Collins, York City Fire Captain.

The York City Fire Department decks the halls with Christmas spirit, but firefighters know emergencies don't stop just because it's Christmas Eve.

"You kind of get use to it .. it rotates sometimes you get the holidays. Sometimes your off for them, but that's just a part of the job. Someone has to be here," said Jonathan Spencer, York City Firefighter.

Holiday or not, they're standing by, ready to answer any call.

"You do miss family but it's family here as well. Someone is always there, you can talk to someone and these guys are always here for you," said Zachary Calvert, York City Firefighter.

Not just there for each other, but the community as well.

"Normally we would cook but because we get meals delivered, we get to sit down and eat together from different organizations," said Collins.

Making the holidays not seem so bad, when you're in great company and love to serve.

"I love it ... best job you could ask for," said Paul Moore, York City Firefighter.

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