Local church hosts Christmas dinner

Christmas is a time to come together with loved ones to celebrate, but Kim Raffensberger chooses to celebrate the holiday with people she`s never met.

"As a faith based church, we believe that`s how we show God's love. To love on people," said Raffensberger, a member of York First Church of God.

She`s spent her last few holidays at the church, not just attending services, but also cooking and serving food to those less fortunate, or to those who would otherwise spend the day alone.

"It would be nice to just take the day and be lazy and do nothing, but there`s no fulfillment in that. This is what it`s all about," said Raffenberger.

This is the first time she and her family, along with other volunteers, have put together a dinner for Christmas.

"I feel like in my heart it`s just the right thing to do," said Raffenberger.

It's completely free, and open to anyone in the community in need of some holiday cheer.

And while it`s the season of giving, there is something she hopes the community takes away from the experience.

"I would have to say that they would take away just the feeling of love, fulfillment, that there`s somebody out there to help them," said Raffenberger.

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