Drug overdose call leads to firearms and drug arrests

MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Lancaster County, Pa. - Two men are in custody at the Lancaster County Prison following an incident that started as a drug overdose call on December 17.

Investigators charged Andrew Lundgren, 29, and Michael Ellis, 40, with illegal possession and control of firearms as well as possession and intent to sell methamphetamines, heroin and cocaine.

Last Monday, Manheim Township Police responded to a heroin overdose on the 1100 block of Millersville Pike in Lancaster Township.

When they arrived, police founds Lundgren, of Lancaster, overdosing on heroin.

Court documents say Ellis, also of Lancaster, administered one dose of Narcan and performed CPR on Lundgren before police responded.

Lundgren was transported to Lancaster Regional Hospital.

Investigators say while inside the residence, they found an open backpack with drug packaging materials, a large amount of money, and a 9mm pistol with no round in the chamber but a loaded magazine.

The arrest affidavit states Lundgren admitted to owning the pistol and kept it for protection "while selling drugs."

Lundgren allegedly told police the gun was "stolen from someone" but didn't know the details.

Court documents say a further search of the residence, which investigators say was rented and leased by Ellis, found an AR-15 rifle in a bedroom closet that was reported stolen in October.

The arrest affidavit states Lundgren believed Ellis acquired the rifle in a drug trade.

It also says Lundgren admitted to handling the rifle.

In the arrest affidavit, investigators say they also found a small 22 caliber revolver in a dresser drawer within the residence.

Court documents say Ellis admitted to removing the pistol from Lundgren's pockets to keep him from "getting into trouble."

Investigators found the revolver with the word "Defender" stamped on it, unloaded and theĀ  bullets were nearby.

Investigators say Ellis was found with 40 bags of heroin and 40 grams of meth packaged for sale and distribution.

Police say they found five grams of meth that Ellis stated was for personal use.

Investigators say they found Lundgren in possession of 1,301 bags of heroin, a small amount of cocaine, and $2,400 in cash.

Both Lundgren and Ellis were charged last week.

Investigators say both men were convicted felons before this incident, leading to the unlawful possession and control of firearms charges.

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