Shoppers snag after-Christmas sales at Capital City Mall

Christmas is now behind us, and with the end of one holiday brings the start of another.

“Returns. We’re making a lot of returns," said one shopper at Capital City Mall.

National Return Day.

Each year, the day after Christmas, people head out to the malls to swap out those unwanted gifts for something they want instead.

“I did have to switch out one of the shoes I got because it was the wrong size,” said another shopper.

The National Retail Federation estimates 17 percent of consumers will be returning or exchanging unwanted gifts this week, which is a small amount compared to those who plan to keep shopping.

“There’s a lot of the regular clearance and then an addition 70 percent off certain clearance items or buy two get three free, it’s been pretty exciting around here,” said another shopper.

The Federation also estimates more than half of all consumers plan to use this week to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales.

And that seemed to be the case at Capital City Mall.

“It’s been pretty busy here and the lines have been really long,” said a shopper.

“Just some after christmas shopping, looking for those sales,” said another shopper.

“The bath and body works semi-annual sale. That’s it," said a third.

If you are going to return a gift, the best thing you can do is know the policy of the store you’re returning your item to because many stores have special holiday policies.

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