Penn State hopes to find a way to slow down Kentucky’s Benny Snell

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- When it was announced that Penn State would be meeting Kentucky in the Citrus Bowl, the scouting reports all focused on the run game and star back Benny Snell. And they should be, the Wildcat's staff is all smiles when it comes to Benny.

"Everything we do we think of Benny Snell when we get ready for a game plan," said Eddie Gran, Kentucky offensive coordinator.

Snell was loose in the media room, but he is all business on the field. He is a three time 1,000-yard back, he is off to the pros after the Citrus Bowl and you better believe the Lions are prepping for a heavy dose of Benny.

"He wears on your defense," said Penn State defensive coordinator Brent Pry. "As you watch games in their entirety, you see guys not defending him as well late in games. And so we know it's going to be a four quarter battle with him and we've got to be physical in gang tackle and it's going to take a united effort to slow him down."

Snell is not Kentucky's only run game weapon. Quarterback Terry Wilson can do it with his arm and legs. The Lions practice against it every day, so they are confident they will rise to the challenge.

"Anytime you have a quarterback who can make plays on their feet, it sort of changes your mindset," said Penn State senior safety Nick Scott. "As a defensive back especially, staying in coverage when he's on the move, attaching the wide receivers in scramble mode. So it's just something we got to be aware of and just be extremely disciplined in the pass game."

Kentucky presents a big and unique challenge for the Penn State defensive unit, and the Lions have embraced that with open arms.

"This game against Kentucky is kind of the next step for our unit is how we see it," said Pry. "It is another opportunity for us to grow and develop as a unit and see how good we can be."

The Lions defense has gotten to pretty good with a stout defense as the season has gone along. Do they have one more performance left in the tank? We will soon find out.

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