“New Years Eve at Noon” party brings in 2019 early for families

COLUMBIA, Lancaster County, Pa. --- 2019 came in twelve hours early at the National Watch and Clock Museum Monday morning.

The museum hosted a "New Year's Eve at Noon" party, centered around children getting a celebration before midnight.

The event featured dancing, games, face painting, a New Year's resolution wall and a balloon drop at Noon.

Some families in attendance said it was a convenient way to ensure children were able to celebrate New Year's Eve in case they didn't make it to midnight.

"It`s nice that you end at 12 like you would at midnight. The kids are a lot happier during the day than they are at midnight," said Christopher Reich from York.

"We thought this would be a good opportunity for them to see the balloons drop and do something fun in case they don`t make it to midnight tonight," said Wendy Moncak from the Mountville area.

"There`s no way we were waiting up until midnight so it`s definitely something fun, more geared towards the kids,' said Stephanie Dennison from Columbia.

Kelvin Dennison from Columbia said it was also a good opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children.

"With social media, obviously, and the internet taking away from being around with our kids and interacting with them...With the hula hoops and the painting and just being here with them, it makes it a little bit more special," said Dennison.

Organizers say more than 300 people attended the party on Monday.

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