Improvement project coming to busy York County intersection

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YORK-SPRING GARDEN TOWNSHIP, York County, Pa. --- Pennsylvania Department of Transportation officials are preparing an intersection improvement project near York Hospital.

The South George Street and Country Club Road intersection will receive a nearly $3 million widening upgrade.

“We’re going to be widening Country Club Road right there at the intersection, the westbound lanes. A little bit of realignment on Rathton [Road] and some widening on South George [Street] to provide two left turns onto Country Club Road northbound,” said Michael Crochunis with PennDOT.

The project will also include upgrading the bridge of Tyler Run and "widening the span to accommodate two westbound lanes to Fairview Drive."

Other work includes sidewalk improvement, asphalt paving and upgrades to traffic signals.

Crochunis said municipal and township sewer and utility crews are wrapping up preparation work before PennDOT begins its work.

He said prep work will start as soon as next, widening and paving is scheduled for this summer, and it's expected to be finished by September.

“The project is just getting started so we haven’t encountered any kinds of issues yet. Of course, if we have an August like last year, things could get delayed a little bit," said Crochunis.

Drivers who frequent the area, such as Amy Kurtz and Mary Meisenhelter of York, say the intersection experiences significant congestion, particularly with back-up during rush hour.

They say they believe widening and additional turn lanes can help ease the flow of traffic.

“I just think we might have to put up with being a little hectic until it can get done but in the end, I think it needs to be done,” said Kurtz.

“I think that the end result will be good. I think it’ll be a nightmare while it’s happening. I happen to live over by Mount Rose Avenue and we’ve just kind of grown accustomed to that project," said Meisenhelter.

PennDOT officials say the majority of the roadwork impacting traffic will take place at night.

Crochunis said they're not planning any work during the morning (6-830 a.m.) and evening (3:30-6 p.m.) rush hours.

He advises caution when driving through the intersection and to expect shifting and single lane traffic with people flagging directions.

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