Neighbors shocked over New Year’s Day shooting

HARRISBURG, Pa. - With the first day of the New Year, came the first homicide of the year in Harrisburg. Police now investigating what led up to the shooting that left 26-year-old Laquan Clark dead.

Investigators with Harrisburg Police spent Wednesday walking the blocks around North 14th and Walnut Streets, talking with people living there, gathering information as to how the shooting unfolded.

"I heard a lot of shots," said Maria Rios, lives nearby. "It was more than ten. It was like ta ta ta ta ta."

Harrisburg Police say around 6 p.m. Tuesday a car was stopped on the 200 block of N. 14th Street, when another car pulled up behind them and began shooting. This type of incident is something people living in on the block are not used to dealing with.

"I felt last night was really scary. Really really scary," said Rios. "It was the first time I felt something like this. I can't sleep and I was having a lot of nightmares, very bad night."

Rios feels this may be an isolated incident in her neighborhood and at this point does not believe her neighborhood is suddenly unsafe. But, she will be taking extra precautions, especially when her daughter-in-law's son is over.

"Now I need to take more care when he's here," said Rios. "But now I need to take more care."

Police have not released any information on a suspect but are offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to a successful prosecution.

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