York man facing charges after shooting two people during argument

YORK COUNTY, Pa.– A York man is facing charges after he shot two people during an argument in the middle of a street.

Jose Rivera-Sabo, 28, is facing reckless endangerment and aggravated assault charges for the incident.

On December 30 around 5:30 p.m., police were dispatched to the area of 20 N. Belvidere Street in York for a reported shooting.

Upon arrival, police found a man and woman suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Botch victims were shot in the leg, and taken to York Hospital.

During the investigation, police spoke to a female driver who identified herself as Rivera-Sabo’s girlfriend.

At the time of the confrontation, the couple were driving on N. Belvidere Street in a 2010 Hyundai when some people on the sidewalk on the east side of the street began to cross in front of the vehicle.

Rivera-Sabo’s girlfriend said she had to hit the brakes to avoid hitting the people and beeped the horn.

At that time, Rivera-Sabo’s girlfriend said that the people began to yell at her, saying that she almost hit them with her car.

A male victim allegedly kicked the side of her vehicle, at which time Rivera-Sabo’s girlfriend got out of the vehicle and began to argue with the female victim.

At one point, the two women began fighting when Rivera-Sabo’s girlfriend heard a gunshot go off behind her.

She turned to find that Rivera-Sabo had gotten out of the vehicle and told her to get back into the car.

As they left, Rivera-Sabo’s girlfriend asked him if he had fired a gun, and he said yes, according to the criminal complaint.

Then, Rivera-Sabo told his girlfriend to call 911 and take him to the police station to turn himself in.

When police interviewed Rivera-Sabo, he said that he had fired the shots because he was “scared and feared they were going to hurt him and his girlfriend.”

Rivera-Sabo claimed that he had fired shots towards the ground.

When police asked Rivera-Sabo what the victims did to cause him to be in fear, he couldn’t provide an example, according to the criminal complaint.

Rivera-Sable also claimed self-defense, and said that he had only had his gun permit for a few months and that “they never told him what he could and couldn’t do with the gun.”

Police were able to obtain video surveillance of the shooting, and after an investigation, it was found that it didn’t show any type of self-defense.

Now, Rivera- Sabo is facing charges.

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