New federal mandate sparks hospital online pricing accessibility complaints

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CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA --The new federal mandate requiring hospitals to post standard prices on their websites has some people stumped.

Those looking for information online say various hospital pricing master lists aren't as easy to find.

"I’ve gone up and down a couple of times, nothing on prices," said Christian Bohn of York. “In order to get there it’s kind of hidden and I had to scroll up and down a few times," he added.

The requirement, which went into effect at the start of the New Year, is supposed to give people a better idea on how much a service may cost and the ability to compare numbers.

The problem in some cases is the pricing on some hospital websites aren’t as easy to access.

“It doesn’t jump right out at you," said Bohn.

We reached out to UPMC Pinnacle Health for comment and they told FOX43 the information can also be found by using the search function and the typing the word charges.

Other hospital websites pose the same problem for users.

However, others say they had no problem finding the information.

“For someone who is a little bit experienced it’s not a difficult thing to do," said Eileen Bridges of York.

A spokesperson with ‘The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania says people need to keep in mind that the new web tool is a work in progress.

“We foresee there may be additional changes that take place as hospitals figure out ways to make this more accessible and more user friendly for patients and their families," said Rachel Moore, spokesperson.

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