Last-minute Pennsylvania Farm Show preparations in full swing

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The Pennsylvania Farm show officially kicks off on Saturday and with opening day, comes a lot of preparations.

From getting all of the different animals ready for the long week, to setting up shop, it's no question getting ready for the farm show takes a lot of work.

“They get washed and blowdried and trained getting final touches to the hair and coat before we show," Aleesha Howe, with DeanaJak Farms.

Aleesha Howe with DeanaJak Farms has been spending hours getting her cattle ready to show.

“Between the sheens and the shampoos and all of the things that go into it, I guarantee that they have more hair products than I do," added Howe.

Exhibits were also busy getting things together, creating a space unlike any other.

“We totally make a wreck of the whole place, saw dust flying everywhere. We are trying to create a space that’s really inviting," Elaine Lemmon with Kitchen Table Consultants. “We hope we have enough energy after the buildout to really enjoy the week," she added.

It's the passion for agriculture that makes all of the hard work put into the week long show worth the sweat and tears.

“They’re showing off their passions, their life works, and it’s something that touches our lives every day," said Shannon Powers with the Department of Agriculture.

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