Dairy Farmers celebrate 50 years together at PA Farm Show where they first met

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Two dairy farmers at the Pennsylvania Farm Show are celebrating fifty years together, but it's where they met that will make you smile.

“She had cattle here and I had cattle," said Harold Rader.

Harold and Barbara Rader of Butler County remember the first day their eye’s met at the Pennsylvania Farm show back in 1969.

“It doesn’t seem like it’s been 50 years really," said Barbara Rader.“I was seventeen at the time and he was twenty two," she added.

“My mother brought me here and someone else hauled my animals in and he was down here with his grandfather," said Rader.

That shared interest sparked something special between the two.

 “She was teasing me about my cows," said Harold Rader. “She was flirting and I just flirted back," he added as he laughed.

A week later when the farm show was over, Barbara headed back home to Butler County.

She says she couldn’t get Harold Rader off of her mind.

“I said wouldn’t it be something if Harold wanted to go out on a date," said Barbara Rader.

To her surprise, just a few days later, she got the phone call she had been waiting for from Herlold.

“We were at my house, he came to pick me up to go to the prom and he had the ring in the box and he asked if I would marry him," said Barbara Rader.

Nine months later, Harold and Barbara Rader said“I Do”.

“She gave me a big ole’ smooch and I knew it was destined to happen," said Harold Rader.

Fast forward to fifty years later, back at the 2019 Farm Show, things haven’t changed much for the two.

“I’ll stop and pick up something for super like chicken and she’ll come home with chicken too," said Harold Rader.

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