Teen competes at Farm Show in hopes to win a scholarship

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HARRISBURG, Dauphin County - Sadie Compagnola brought her bull 'King of the Jungle' or monkey as she likes to call him to the 103rd Pennsylvania Farm Show for one reason, to compete in the Supreme Champion Bull Drive.

"He won a jackpot show as a baby with his mom and then he won state fair," said Compagnola. "He won Keystone International livestock expo and now he won here."

Sadie never thought she would be at the Farm Show displaying her 10-month-old bull because she wanted a heifer.

"I wanted a heifer so that I could show a heifer calf and I was pretty upset when it was bull and I wanted an all-black calf. So, when he came out black and white I was pretty upset about that too"

In the Supreme Champion Bull Drive, judges look for bulls that are healthy and well built. It's a sign they will produce calves that will be profitable. Her mom, Chastity says Sadie has been working hard to prepare "King of the Jungle."

"She does everything herself, I'm not allowed to touch anything.  She does all of the hard work at home very dedicated, gets up before school in the morning, goes out in the barn, feeds her animals, gets ready for school, and when she comes home she's pretty much out back in the barn."

"I'm the type of kid that if I'm not doing school work I'm flipping through bull catalogs looking at the next one to breed," said Sadie.

Mom hopes her daughter will win Monday, so she can win a scholarship to attend her dream school, Oklahoma University.

"There's a lot of scholarships for farm show," said Chastity. "And other parts of the cattle industry offer a lot of scholarships opportunity and that's what we need as farmers, because farmers don't make a lot of money."

Ready to compete, Sadie hopes that all her hard work pays off.

"I'm not worried about it. I just want to go out and have fun and show him."

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