Raymond Rowe pleads guilty to 1992 murder of Christy Mirack

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LANCASTER, Pa. --- Raymond Rowe, 50, plead guilty Tuesday to the rape and murder of Christy Mirack, 25, back on December 21, 1992.

Also known as "DJ Freez," Rowe admits to breaking into Mirack's East Lampeter Township home, strangling and sexually assaulting her.

In a negotiated plea agreement, Rowe will avoid the death penalty and serve life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Also, a minimum of 60 years will be added onto the life sentence for multiple rape charges, which Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman called an "insurance policy."

“Even if a legislator 30, 40 years from now changes the life without parole provisions and makes it retroactive, that he still has 60 years to serve. We fashioned this so he can never get out and he should never get out,” said Stedman.

In court, Rowe faced Mirack's family and apologized, saying he "couldn't imagine what they've done through."

Christy's brother, Vince, also spoke to the courtroom, asking Rowe "why."

In an emotional response, Mirack asked Rowe how he could take Christy's life and continue on for a quarter of a century while their family pleaded for answers.

Mirack's father originally planned to speak to the court but emotionally decided he could not.

Stedman said he believes Rowe "deserves the death penalty on a moral level..." but that "...we deal with the law and deal with what's important to the family and what's important to the family is they value closure."

Stedman added the Mirack family was on board with the plea agreement.

“These are really, really wonderful people and it just makes it all the more devastating. I know she had to be a really great person just from speaking to her family and it just breaks your heart to know the suffering that they’ve endured," said Stedman.

Rowe's defense says he admitted his actions to them from the start.

Stedman says Rowe denied knowing Christy Mirack when they interviewed him.

Investigators say there is no clear motive for Rowe's actions and Stedman believes that question could linger "forever."

“It is chilling, it’s haunting to all of us that he could just compartmentalize this and go back and literally enjoy his life," said Stedman.

Stedman also said they put Rowe's DNA into their database and it has not connected him with any other crimes.

Stedman said Rowe's family was in attendance in the courtroom Tuesday, stressing how Rowe's family is also suffering through this.

He said they "knew nothing" of Rowe's actions and that Rowe's admittances leaves behind "a net of destruction and emotional wreckage" for a number of different people.

Watch the full press conference following the guilty plea here:

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