TSA employee’s at HIA continue working without pay amid government shutdown

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LOWER SWATARA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- The partial government shutdown is starting to show its impacts in Dauphin County.

A spokesperson with HIA says essential TSA employees like security screeners have been working for the last two weeks without pay.

“We have men and women here who are dedicated to doing their job who are potentially not going to get paid and the longer that this goes on the harder it becomes," said Scott Miller, HIA Spokesperson.

Some TSA employee's have started to call off sick, but most of them are continuing to clock in every day.

“They know that by coming in and doing their job and making sure that people are safe to travel that’s critically important," said Miller.

Fox43 reached out to the TSA for comment and they replied in part —“As the current lapse in funding continues, we want to echo the sentiments of (the) industry, the traveling public and TSA leadership who are both proud of and thankful for the officers across the country who remain focused on the mission.” - TSA

People traveling through the at the airport say they are grateful for their hard work.

“There’s an extra special appreciation for the safety they’re providing," said Dan Rogers.

“It’s disappointing that they even have to be put in a position where the have to make that decision," added Sabrina Everett.

However, there is one thing that everyone at HIA agrees on and that is coming up with a solution.

“Bottom line right now we need our elected officials to do their job. Businesses every day compromise on agreements and disagreements because you have to do that to move forward," said Miller.

For now, if you're traveling, airport officials want you to remember one thing.

“As you’re going through the checkpoint say thank you." said Miller. "They are here for all of our safety and it’s critically important," he added.

A spokesperson with the TSA says employees will be paid for their work when the shutdown ends.

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