Government shutdown hindering hopeful home buyers from getting loans

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CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA -- The second-longest government shutdown in history is hindering hopeful home owners from getting the keys to their dream house.

“I have several clients that are right now on hold because USDA is not issuing any commitments," said Greta Slagill with GMH Mortgage Services LLC. 

USDA, which is a popular federal loan option for low-income home buyers has come to a stop due to the shutdown, causing a domino effect.

 Mortgage experts say they’re seeing it all first-hand.

“So if your buyer can’t buy there’s probably sellers on the other end that also can’t buy because maybe they need to sell their home in order to buy their home," added Slagill.

Government employees trying to get any type of loan, unable, also taking a hit.

“When they come in for a loan, we cannot offer them a loan because there is no way to verify their employment," said Slagill.

For home builders in Cumberland County, the shutdown hasn’t had any impacts on them yet, however, there are concerns if it continues.

“As soon as those interest rates go up half a point to a point that squeezes that approval rate which is really going to start to  hurt our industry eventually," said Scott Milligan with Beracah Builders.

The same concern mortgage experts say they have.

“Sometimes when there is upheaval in the government and there’s some uncertainty usually buyers and sellers are more cautious in going into the market so I think that we would see a slowdown overall in the market," said Slagill.

For now, there’s no telling what's to come.

“I have been asked by several Realtors when is this going to end and how much of a backlog are we going to have once this is over and none of us really know," added Slagill.

FHA and VA loans are continuing to be issued without any significant problems.

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