‘Ask Evan’ “Why does PennDOT still use oil and chips to fix roads?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' question deals with Pennsylvania roadways.  George W.
asks "Why do they tar and chip roads in PA? It is dangerous when you ride motorcycle on it and it has a lot of oil runoff and makes a mess on cars and chips your paint."

Tar and chips or oil and chips as it is also called, is still used across the state to resurface a road.  Essentially a layer of tar is sprayed on the road surface and then small stones are spread on top and sticks to the hot tar.

PennDOT says oil and chip usage is a low-cost way to extend the usefulness of a low volume road when PennDOT doesn't have the money to repave the road surface.  Highway officials agree that the first few days or so after application are tough-- and can be hazardous to motorcycle rides and messy at time as well.  PennDOT says it is trying to use smaller size stones when possible to alleviate the danger and mess concerns.

This would be the same thought for municipalities that would use oil and chips to resurface a road when there isn't enough money available to repave it.

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