Director of Camp Hill nonprofit group accused of stealing $17,500 from elderly woman

CAMP HILL — The director of a non-profit group that works on behalf of the elderly is facing theft charges after investigators say she stole $17.500 from an 82-year-old victim, according to the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office.

Margaret Fitzpatrick, 74, of Dillsburg, is accused of stealing from the victim over a seven-month period between September 2017 and March 2018, investigators say. She allegedly cashed checks from the victim’s account and deposited them into Mediation Ministries and Litigation Services, a nonprofit group that claims to work pro bono on behalf of the elderly and disadvantaged, investigators say.

Fitzpatrick is charged with theft.

Update, Jan. 17, 1:36 p.m.: 

Fitzpatrick’s attorney, Matthew G. Menges, released the following statement on the matter:

“Margaret Fitzpatrick acted under a valid Power of Attorney during the time at issue in the criminal charges.  Pennsylvania law clearly allows an agent under a power of attorney to be paid for their service.  Mrs. Fitzpatrick did not steal any money from this alleged victim, or from anyone, while acting as Power of Attorney. In that capacity, Mrs. Fitzpatrick wrote many checks out of the alleged victim’s account, including checks to pay her usual normal bills, just as anyone acting under a Power of Attorney would do.  Among the many checks Mrs. Fitzpatrick wrote were two to her agency, Mediation Ministries, as payment for services of the many, many hours spent attending to the alleged victim’s needs.  We are confident a full review of all the circumstances surrounding this matter will result in her being vindicated.”

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