Goodwill credits Netflix for uptick in donations

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Forget spring cleaning...

People in Central Pennsylvania have been winter cleaning, which is puzzling, according to Goodwill store managers.

“Usually in January’s past, we’re looking at trying to bring some of those donations out that people gave to us in the spring and fall when we have our really big donation cycles, to put them in our stores to keep our stores fully stocked,” said John McHenry, President and CEO of Goodwill Keystone Area.

So we looked at some possible answers.

A strong economy, perhaps?

“People had a really good Christmas, the economy is clicking along. They have more stuff that they need to get rid of,” said McHenry.

Maybe unseasonable temperatures keeping people coming through the doors?

“The first couple weeks of January, here, the weather’s been great,” said McHenry.

What about inspiration from a small screen documentary?

“You can’t think otherwise…” said McHenry.

"Tidying Up" is a Netflix series that follows tidying expert Marie Kondo as she tackles a variety of messes.

It premiered at the beginning of the year... the same time the uptick in donations started.

“We’ve had double digit increases in our donor counts from this January to last January. And when I first saw the show, I didn’t really think about what impact it might have on people donating to Goodwill. But it seems to register that something’s really happening throughout the United States, and locally here we’re really thankful,” said McHenry.

Whatever the reason, McHenry says he’s not questioning it.

After all, these donations go towards helping people who are struggling to find work.

“For every dollar that we take in in our register, 92 cents of it goes back to our mission. And we continue to expand programs and services to people in need,” said McHenry.

Goodwill will accept anything from clothes to shoes to household items.

So if you need some inspiration to clean out your home, head to your local Goodwill, grab a cozy blanket, and watch "Tidying Up" on Netflix.

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