Lancaster man facing charges after choking, punching victim during assault

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– A Lancaster man is facing charges after he allegedly struck a victim in the face, and slammed the victim’s head into a car window.

Andre Goodman, 34, is facing strangulation and simple assault charges for the incident.

On December 31 around 12:10 p.m., Goodman got into an altercation with a victim in the 200 block of Eden Road in Manheim Township.

During the altercation, Goodman allegedly struck the victim in the face approximately 10 times with an open hand and closed fist.

Goodman also slammed the victim’s head into a car window two or three times, and struck the victim in the face with a walkie-talkie.

Finally, Goodman allegedly grabbed onto the victim’s neck with one hand and squeezed to the point where the victim experienced difficulty breathing.

He was arrested, processed and taken to Central Arraignment.

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