Shoppers stock up ahead of this weekend’s storm

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CAMP HILL, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- Some people say it’s only right to hit the grocery store ahead of the weekend’s forecast.

The snow fell on and off outside Weis Markets in Camp Hill, but that didn't stop shoppers from buying what they think they'll need if it gets ugly outside because of the snow and ice.

“Never welcome it… but ready for it," said Jerry McDonnell, a customer at Weis Markets.

"What else are you going to do? It’s going to snow… prepare for the worst," stated Matthew Hackten who bought some milk.

Each shopper had their own definition of what is essential during a snow storm.

"Waffles, ice cream, and sandwich stuff, like dinner, I guess," said Jacee Niblett, a college student.

Jerry McDonnell and his wife, Lynne, spent their money with their sweet tooth in mind.

"We’re going to weather the snow storm with ice cream!" said Jerry.

"He likes the orange swirl," said Lynne.


Forecasters are calling for snow and ice... several inches Saturday and Sunday in parts of the area.

Even that’s not enough for Phoebe Pierce.


“I’m hoping for more. I’m probably the only person who wants more," she said.

Weis Markets is preparing in case there is more.

"All of our Weis markets In our area have received several shipments of milk, eggs, bread, and we all added extra help on the front end, stockers, things like that, so we can get our customers in and out of the store," explained Matthew Lentz, the assistant manager at Weis Markets in Camp Hill.

Some customers just want an excuse to stay inside their homes.

“I’m scared to drive because I have pretty bad tires. I'm kinda hoping everything closes, and we can just chill out and have a whole weekend to hang out," added Niblett.

"I’m excited. I like snow," added Pierce. "[My favorite part is] staying inside and looking at it. Not shoveling."

Many people FOX43 spoke with aren't concerned about the shoveling or the snow but what's going to happen when the snow freezes.

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