PPL bringing in hundreds of additional utility workers ahead of weekend storm

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CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA -- Power companies across the state are preparing for this weekends snow storm.

PPL Electric Utilities says they are bringing on hundreds of additional crews.

“We are prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at us," said Joe Nixon, Spokesperson at PPL. “We’ll see what the impact of the storm is and redirect crews where we need them," he added.

A spokesperson with the company saying while snow doesn’t typically cause power outages, freezing rain, ice and wind does.

“Those can tend to produce downed power lines and downed trees," added Nixon.

That's why PPL uses smart grid technology, allowing them to be proactive for these kind of storms.

“If we have an outage, we can quickly isolate it and reroute power," added Nixon.

However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any outages.

“We’re doing what we can to limit their impact," said Nixon.

S people in the area, making plans.

“In Dauphin we lose our power a lot so I have a neighbor checking in on my house to make sure everything is ok," said Tammy Kramer of Dauphin County.

“Where I am from you’re in the middle of nowhere so  if the power goes out it is what it is," added Robert Felker of Dauphin County.

experts say people should be prepared, though.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

 *Have your phone charged

 *Unplug any sensitive electronics

*Stay away from power lines

 “Always stay away from downed power lines and always assume it is energized," added Nixon.

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