Commercial truck ban forces truckers to camp out at rest stops in Dauphin County

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Truck drivers from across the country were forced to camp out in Dauphin County on Saturday because of the commercial truck ban.

“We’re going to be going up to Northern New Jersey," said Kimberly Jones. “I hate the idea that I am just sitting here waiting, but I don’t want to be out on the roads, I know it’s going to get worse," she added.

The main concern for most, the ice.

“With a truck like this and the trailer where it’s 40 thousand pounds or more I don’t even want to imagine what could happen," said Jones.

some even worried how the weather may impact business.

“Everything is shut down like some of the companies, the warehouses they are closing down also so there are no trailers being moved," said Tiara Gray. “It will affect me having to rush to get things done and to the shippers on time and the receivers on time," she added.

Others were just excited to get home.

“I have two hours but I need to stay here until tomorrow," said Porfiro Henriquez. “My family is waiting," he added.

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