PennDOT crews prepare for winter storm

The trucks are loaded, the roads are prepped, and the drivers are ready...

Now, all we need is the snow.

“Once the weather hits the road and we start to see an accumulation, we start treating it,” said Ian Williams, equipment operator with PennDOT.

Williams says even while they wait for the snow to arrive, though, they never run out of things to do.

“We usually are waiting, checking. We have cameras that we use to view the road conditions as well. We also check the weather to see if the storm is going to hit later or when exactly it might be hitting," said Williams.

So, while we waited for the storm to come, we went for a ride in one of the plow trucks.

"If we’re not out in the storm, we’re preparing for the storm,” said Williams.

Williams says it’s common practice to scope out their routes before the storm hits to check for any hazards.

Then, of course, they plow and salt during the storm, and check again after to make sure nothing dangerous was left behind.

“It’s making sure you’re treating the roads, it’s the aspect of making sure vehicles aren’t slid out in the road, making sure people get home safe as well. It’s everything combined,” said Williams.

He says the job is fun, but exhausting...

And to get through it?

“Just think that there will be warmer days ahead,” said Williams.

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