‘Ask Evan’: “Are there ways to get earlier appointments at drivers license centers?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' question is from Deb R.  Deb asks, "My son has a scheduled appointment for his drivers test but we wanted to check cancelled spots to see if he could get in earlier.  It will not let us do that since he has an appointment. Is there a way to do this?"

The backup at many of the PennDOT license centers is lengthy,  In fact, it can be up to six months long at the more popular and busier testing centers.  As to your question about finding a cancelled opening-- the answer is no.

PennDOT says you cannot check open time slots while you have an appointment already scheduled.  To verify if there is an appointment earlier than yours you will need to cancel your appointment then check the availability.  But, by doing this you are also opening your previous appointment time for another customer to take.

Since Pennsylvania's law governing the licensing of young drivers requires a mandatory six-month period before testing-- PennDOT recommends young drivers plan accordingly and schedule their road test for their earliest test eligibility date printed on their learner`s permit.

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