PA immigration courts experiencing backlog due to partial government shutdown

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA -- The partial government shutdown is impacting some immigration courts creating a backlog.

In Pennsylvania hundreds of non-detainee cases have been pushed months to years back.

"The non-detained courts aren't running," said Rosina Stambaugh, Immigration attorney. "Those are the people that have already been waiting two to three years for that hearing," Stambaugh added.

York County immigration experts say the already backlogged system is affecting people who have taken all the right steps to get the proper documentation.

"Individuals who have had what we call their final hearing day in court where the judge would make a final decision on their application," said Stambaugh. "The judges aren't ruling on them," she added.

While making his pitch to Democrats to reopen the government on Saturday, President Trump said he has a plan.

"Seventy five new immigration judge teams to reduce the court backlog of believe it or not, of almost 900,000 cases," said President Trump. "The whole concept of having lengthy trials for anyone that sets one foot in our country unlawfully must be changed by Congress," he added.

However, Stambaugh says she doesn't believe the shutdown is helping the current immigration court situation.

"Those that maybe don't have a strong case are actually benefiting from their case are getting to stay here longer," said Stambaugh.

"I just hope that we can actually work together and come up with a resolution on the actual issues that are needed," she added.

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