New releases at Spring Gate

LOWER PAXTON TOWNSHIP, Pa--- This morning FOX43's Chris Garrett talked with Rebecca Kline from Spring Gate about the new editions to the Spring Gate line up that you can enjoy.

Crafty Hard Iced Tea 

We now have 4 different iced teas in 1.5L pouches only available at various retailers around Central PA. The flavors we have available are lemon, raspberry, peach and orange. We have two different iced teas available by the glass at our champagne bar and brewery. ​These Pennsylvania brewed, PA Preferred products, have an ABV around 5% and are available in a pouch that provides freshness one glass at a time. These eco-friendly pouches are perfect for many places, including the front of your refrigerator, and are the equivalent of two bottles of wine. CD Pizza will even deliver with a hot fresh pizza, not thats a perfect pairing!

Sparkling Mellos in Cans

We released our Bubbly Strawberry Mello in cans on January 15th. You can buy a single can for $6 or a pack of 4 for $19. Cans are now available at the property. Stay on the lookout for Cherry, Peach and Blueberry. They make the perfect drink for Spring and Summer celebrations!

Spiked Spring Water

Our Cranberry Spiked Water is now available at our champagne bar on tap. This low calorie drink is a perfect alternative to enjoy after the holiday season. We will be releasing more flavors this year. We will also be releasing different flavors in cans so you can easily take your favorite kind tailgating or to your next party. 

Glitter Wine 

Our rose gold glitter moscato will be released at our Glitter Wine Bash on February 23rd and 24th. We have turned a guest favorite, our Sparkling Pink Moscato, into a glittery libations. Every glass looks as magical as it tastes. This glitter wine will have limited availability and is will be available at the property while supplies last. You can buy a bottle to take the magic home with you or gift it to that special someone!

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