Owners of collapsed wall onto Howard Tire & Auto given 60-days to figure out how to cleanup

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The owner of an auto shop in Harrisburg impacted by a wall collapse spent Wednesday in court asking a judge to force the owners of the wall to pay for cleanup.

Howard Henry, owner of Howard's Auto and Tire has had debris sitting on top of his building since a 100-year-old retaining wall from the McFarland Building collapsed in May 2016. Wednesday, lawyers representing McFarland Property and Henry struck a deal. Owners of McFarland agreed they are responsible for cleaning up the debris on Howard's Auto and Tire. McFarland Property owners will now have sixty days to get their insurance companies to pay for the cleanup, a claim which was denied in 2016. Lawyers said if the owners had to pay the up to $8 million in clean-up without the help of insurance, they would have to declare bankruptcy.

Henry did talk to us about how big of a day this was for him, and how he feels to finally see movement in the courts after 2 1/2 years.

"I don't think I could put it in a couple words to be honest with you," said Henry. "It would at least give me the first step towards reclaiming my life and that's really what this is all about for me."

After the 60-days are up, a judge will reveal what they next steps will be.

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