Warwick bowling knocking down opponents

EPHRATA, Lancaster County -- The Warwick High School bowling team is striking out the competition.

"We've had a great team for the past few years and every year the team gets good bowlers and it just keeps going," said Tony Lutz, Warrior's senior bowler.

Strike after strike, the Warriors have a goal in mind that has weighed heavily on a few senior bowlers.

"We've been working for it for the last couple years and every year, we've fallen just a little short at the end," said Lutz.

No 300 games, yet, but Warwick has bowled a flawless season.

Their goal is to win regionals. The last time that happened, was 2016.

"We want to do it for each other and not just for ourselves," said Isaac Erickson, Warriors senior bowler.

Of course, everyone wants to capitalize their season with spares and strikes, but for the Warriors, their 'perfect game' would be a state title.

"This is our best chance of making it to states. It's our opportunity to do it this year," said Lutz.

The top six teams from regionals advance to the state championships.

"One thing that we are working on is adjusting to the lane transition. So, it's physical. Keeping up the stamina and try to do the same shot over and over again," said Ashley Sham, Warwick senior bowler.

There are just four match left in the regular season, before the post season.

For these seniors, no matter the outcome, you can't 'split' this team apart.

"We all know how to handle each others emotions and how to pump each other up and calm each other down," said Erickson.

When the stakes are high ...

"We can really pick each other up when we're down. We know how to make each other laugh. We just get a long really well and it makes it a lot more fun doing it together," said Lutz.

"Being able to bowl with my best friends, doing what we all love together, on a daily basis is awesome," said Erickson.

After high school, Lutz, Erickson and Sham are all set to bowl at their respective college of choice.

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