York County Prison inmate accused of assaulting corrections officer

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YORK COUNTY — A 26-year-old female inmate at York County Prison is facing additional charges after State Police say she assaulted a corrections officer at the prison last week.

Susana Sonia Zavala, of York, is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, and harassment in the incident, which occurred on Jan. 17 at York County Prison.

Zavala, an inmate at the prison, allegedly assaulted corrections officer Mara Lee Hamet while Hamet was conducting a security check of Zavala’s cell, according to State Police.

Police say Hamet noticed bloodstains on Zavala’s blanket and asked if Zavala was having her monthly cycle, saying she could provide Zavala with clean blankets. While doing so, she opened Zavala’s cell door and approached Zavala, police say.

At that point, Hamet told police, Zavala became irate and ripped the blanket out of Hamet’s hands, throwing it to the ground.

Hamet told police she extended her left arm to distance herself from Zavala, who continued to be verbally abusive. Hamet said she reached for her radio to call for assistance, but Zavala allegedly took the radio from her and threw it to the ground, Hamet told police.

Zavala then attacked Hamet, hitting her several times in the face. Hamet said she attempted to defend herself, but Zavala overpowered her, shoving her head to the ground several times, which resulted in a brief loss of consciousness for Hamet, pjolice say.

Another inmate summoned help, and several corrections officers arrived to separate Zavala from Hamet, who was taken to Memorial Hospital for treatment.

In an interview with police after the incident, Zavala allegedly admitted to committing the assault, telling police she felt “disrespected” by Hamet.

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