Botterbusch Jewelry closing after more than 50 years in business

DOVER, York County, Pa. --- Ronald Botterbusch, 85, remembers the first time he looked inside of a watch while at Bowman Technical School in Lancaster.

“I looked in there and thought ‘Oh my goodness, this looks like I’m looking into a forest and I have no idea what I’m looking at," said Botterbusch.

Nearly 60 years later, he knows it like the back of his wrist.

His trade became his business in 1966 when he opened Botterbusch Jewelry on the first block of Main Street.

He embraced selling, fixing and restoring clocks and watches, particularly old pocket watches.

Now, 53 years later, he said the time is right to close up shop.

Botterbusch Jewelry will close on Thursday, January 31.

“The fact that I’m getting older, my hands don’t work the way they used to and the doctor told me, said, ‘your days as a watchmaker are over.’ So I said, ‘alright,' said Botterbusch, with a laugh.

Botterbusch also said the business of the trade he's embraced for more than half a century is different.

“I kept the watches running for the people in the community and around the Dover area. Now that’s all changed, now about the only thing I do is replace a battery," said Botterbusch.

On top of those factors, Botterbusch said it's been a business has been a challenge with limited parking around the building.

People who frequent the shop, such as Marty Lehman, said the community is losing a fixture.

“They’re good-hearted people and they’d do anything for you and, yes indeed, we’re going to miss them," said Lehman.

Botterbusch said the plan is to liquidate their remaining stock when they close their doors.

He says he isn't going to give up the craft, either, by putting a focus on selling and repairing cuckoo clocks by appointment for as long as he can.

With a smile, Botterbusch said they're just going to try and enjoy retirement.

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