Lancaster County school resource officers receive emergency response kits to combat “mass-injury situations”

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– Lancaster County school resource officers are now equipped with tools for “limiting damages and casualties” in mass-injury situations.

Those situations, such as large structure malfunctions or active-shooter incidents, have become more commonplace in the past few years.

To counter those incidents, the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office purchased starter kits and other emergency-response items, and distributed them to school resource officers at a training session in Lititz.

Each emergency-response kit includes:

– 5 tourniquets

– 4 chest seals

– 5 bandages

– 1 quick clot gauze

The training group consisted of 17 school resource officers and other attendees.

They were instructed that being prepared for mass-injury scenarios is essential to their safety and the safety of the communities and schools they serve.

Lancaster city police Sgt. Michael Gerace said, “If you don’t have the mindset, knowledge base and the equipment, it could be a (potentially) bad day.”

Many of the items and techniques Sgt. Gerace showed the group were not already among their existing daily routines.

For example, Sgt. Gerace urged the group, have a tourniquet on your person every day. They have saved countless lives, include those of peer officers.

While the kits are not considered to be comprehensive and an ample supply for the long term, they are more of a starting point for potentially life-saving ideas.

Sgt. Gerace recalled a recent incident when he was off-duty and came upon a serious vehicle accident in Landisville. He provided aid immediately.

“I’m glad I had my kit,” Sgt. Gerace said. “You could need it at any time.”

The 17 school resource officers in attendance were given kits for middle and high school buildings in their districts.

Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman committed $7,200 to purchase the kits and training materials.

For more information on the program, you can visit the Children’s Hero fund site here.

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