Second large fight in two weeks at Harrisburg High School

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A high school basketball game turns into a brawl in Harrisburg.

Students began fighting just after the game between York High and Harrisburg Wednesday night.

Police used pepper spray for the second time in under two weeks to help gain control of a situation at the school.

Police tell us they were notified by school officials who were worried something might happen.

They had additional officers from Harrisburg and York at the game... just in case.

A viewer sent us a video of the fight but didn't wish to say anything more.

"My kids will not be at a basketball game fighting like that," said Dejonae Alstin, a parent. "It was way too many kids fighting and where was the parents?!”

So many kids, according to police, they say they had to use pepper spray to break up the crowd so they could get to the fight.

"My nephews and stuff go to that school. They actually ran from one," said Richard Morris, a parent.

Richard Morris is talking about the first instance where agencies responded to the high school.

A large fight broke out during lunch.

One student was arrested for assaulting an officer.

Alstin says the school has to do something.

"It's just way too much going on at Harrisburg High. They need to fix that ASAP," added Alstin.

Morris is placing blame elsewhere.

"It’s not all on the school," said Morris. "Parents need to take the initiative to let the kids know that is not is shined upon around here. It's not good. Fighting your own kind or even fighting anybody, for any minute reason, it shows how idiotic we’re becoming."

Police say the incident carried over into the Kline Village Plaza across the street where workers told FOX43 kids were jumping on tables at the McDonalds.

Police say they needed to use pepper spray once again on a large crowd of approximately 100 students to get everyone to leave.

According to police, the people actually involved in the fight after the game left as soon as authorities showed up at the school.

Police say the victim didn’t want to press charges and refused medical treatment.

FOX43 spoke with a spokeswoman for the district over the phone who said they didn't have a comment.

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