Some York residents concerned they could lose housing if shutdown continues

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"I don’t really want to be homeless at this age, but it could happen,” said Joan Venninger, a resident at a South Broad Street apartment complex in York.

Residents at the apartment complex say they are worried that the partial government shutdown could leave them with nowhere to live.

“We need these places. This is our home. We need this,” said Michael Boanes, who also lives in the building.

The building is part of the York Housing Authority, meaning the people who live there are under low income or Section 8 programs.

These programs receive some of their funding from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, which remains closed throughout the shutdown.

“Our checks might be touched by that. And then where would we go? Would we be put out of here, or would they give us a chance to make it up or how are they going to do it?” said Boanes.

People who live there tell us the York Housing Authority has not spoken to them at all about the situation.

But there is a note on the door to their main office, reading in part, "YHA public housing and Section 8 programs are funded until the end of February; however, at this time YHA has not received notification of funding for March and subsequent months.”

Residents tell us news like this is disturbing, and they say they worry about what will happen if this is not resolved by March.

“It would put me in a real big bind. I wouldn’t be able to rent here. I wouldn’t be able to rent nowhere,” said Boanes.

The statement also says until more information becomes available, they plan to continue with business as usual.

“So whatever that business is, that’s what I’ll have to deal with as well as everyone else,” said Venninger.

Numerous calls to the York Housing Authority went unanswered.

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