Student gets in person acceptance celebration from university

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BALTIMORE (WMAR) — The crisp notes of a University of Maryland Pep Band cut through the cold wind this weekend to deliver a fantastic surprise to a Baltimore resident about to become a Terp.

Elisha Davis was surprised at his door step in the city’s Belvedere neighborhood Sunday morning by University of Maryland admissions staff announcing his acceptance to the state’s flagship academic institution.

“Elisha, come on out,” said Director of Admissions Shannon Gundy as she provided the fateful knock.

A shocked Davis stepped out and was quickly overcome by surprise giving way to joy. His family jubilantly poured out of the house behind him, all reveling in Davis’ forthcoming opportunity.

“We are so happy for you,” Gundy said as Davis caught his breath.

After being handed his envelope by Gundy, Davis removed his official official acceptance letter, reading aloud as the costumed mascot Testudo proudly draped an arm around the next member of the class of 2023.

“Congratulations Elisha, you have been admitted to the University of Maryland for the Fall 2019 semester,” said the current senior at the Baltimore Design School.

Donning a new scarf stitched of University of Maryland school colors, Davis raised his arms triumphantly to the sky and exclaimed, “I’m a TERP!”

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