Garbage-burning behind Wiconisco Fire Company concerning some people living nearby

WICONISCO TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - Garbage sits behind the Wiconisco Fire Company concerning some people living nearby. They say not only is the garbage sitting next to a cell tower but the fire company burns the garbage, which they believe violates the township's ordinance.

"my concern is, we were sent a letter with our quarterly sewer bill saying there should be no outside burning of rubbish plastic and what-not," said John Mislyan, lives nearby.

The township ordinances states people are allowed to burn general yard waster, like tree limbs and leaves. People are not allowed to burn raw garbage, food, tires, rubber and paper products, mattresses and stuffed furniture of any sort. Mislyan says not only does he feel the fire company is breaking this ordinance but he worries about the health concerns from burning these types of items.

"It's very harmful, if you get a house fire that's different," said Mislyan. "But the stuff they're releasing into the air by burning it, there's no reason for it."

Mislyan says he's tried to get answers from the township and fire company for weeks but has been turned away.

"Yhey told me, 'don't make waves,'" said Mislyan.

FOX43 stopped by the fire company and the township offices, also trying to get an explanation but were told they would have to pass along our information to someone else.

Meanwhile, concerned citizens tell us, they're considering their next move.

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