West York School District bullying could lead to lawsuit

"I was bullied by seven people...” said a student in the West York Area School District.

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, says her middle school years were brutal, and the bullying was nonstop.

“I was bullied to the point where I attempted suicide.”

And she’s not the only one.

Dozens of parents coming out to a meeting Monday night to share what they call 'horrors' that their children went through at school and on the buses of West York School District.

And attorney Rebecca Lyttle thinks it’s time for these parents to take action against the school for not stepping in.

“What can we do legally to force the school district uphold their own policies? So we’re thinking about maybe pursuing a class-action lawsuit,” said Lyttle.

The school district said in a letter to parents on Friday that they are aware of issues concerning misconduct, adding, "All students have the right to feel safe and secure, not only while being transported to and from school on a bus/van, but throughout the day while at school."

The letter goes on to explain new policies on the bus, and what will happen if the rules are broken.

Parents, though, say these concerns should have been addressed months ago, and they say they aren't convinced these rules will be enforced.

“They didn’t implement the policies before. I don’t think they’ll implement them now.”

Lyttle says she is now waiting for parents whose children were bullied to reach out- and will take legal action from there.

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