Olivia’s cooks up Shrimp & Salmon Gratin served along w grilled Asparagus

YORK TOWNSHIP, PA — Harry and Adrienne Tassou from Olivia’s Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine in Gettysburg stopped by the Fox43 Kitchen on Tuesday.

For more information: https://www.oliviasgettysburg.com/

Shrimp & Salmon Gratin
Served along w grilled Asparagus

1/2 lg head Cauliflower (washed & florets trimmed) - toasted
2 tbsp E.V.O.O.
1 cup heavy cream
Pinch - kosher salt
Pinch - black pepper
4 tbsp Romano Cheese
1 cup sharp Vermont Cheddar - shredded
1/2 cup seasoned croutons (fresh baked then crumbled)
1 cup Yukon Gold Potatoes - thinly sliced& quickly blanched
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
1/4 tsp nutmeg - freshly grated
2 scallions - chopped
2 oz white wine
1 lb Salmon - grilled to a medium temp
1/2 lb shrimp (USA wild caught)- peeled, deveined, & steamed

On a roasting pan, lay out the cauliflower and drizzle w the E.V.O.O., then season w the salt & pepper.  Roast in the oven (preheat to 400*F) until a light golden brown.  Set aside until time to assemble gratin.
Wash, dry, peel, & thinly slice potatoes.  Place them in boiling salted water to quick blanch approx 1 minute.  Set aside, spreading them out to quickly cool.

Gratin Sauce:
In a sauce pan, melt garlic butter, add E.V.O.O. & white wine.  Whisk in the Dijon mustard, nutmeg, & salt & pepper. Add heavy cream & Romano cheese.  Mix well.  Add Vermont shredded Cheddar & scallions.  Sauce should be thickened & creamy.

Gratin assembly:
Oven preheated to 400*F.  Layer the bottom of the gratin w potatoes & a thin layer of sauce.  Add a layer of grilled salmon, & a hint of sauce.  Add a layer of Roasted Cauliflower, & a hint of sauce.  Add a layer of shrimp, & a hint of sauce.  Add a layer of cauliflower, & a hint of sauce.  Keep layering in this fashion until all ingredients are used.  Top w remaining sauce.  Add crushed croutons, Romano, & Cheddar cheeses.  Bake to a golden brown @ 425*F for approx 5 minutes.


Peanut Butter Hot chocolate:
Chocolate liqueur
Hot chocolate
Reese’s whipped cream
Reese’s candy garnish
Prepare hot chocolate.  Add a hint of cream.  Add rumchata, amaretto, & chocolate liqueur. Stir.  Top w Reese’s whipped cream and A drizzle of chocolate liqueur. Top w Reese’s candy garnish.  Cheers!




Frosty snow globe
Prosecco or any sparkling wine
Blue Curaçao
Sugar for rimming
Start by rimming your glass liberally w sugar.  Add a splash of blue Curaçao to the bottom of the glass.  Add Prosecco. Add splash of lemonade. Stir. For an even more chilled treat, add a few ice cubes.  Cheers!



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