Snow precedes upcoming frigid temperatures in central PA

LANCASTER, Pa. --- As the snow start dwindling down Tuesday evening, it allowed some people to come out from their cover.

That includes Karen Kasper from East Hempfield Township.

“I came out because I had to go and get some groceries. I wasn’t really prepared and I have a little grandson who needs a pizza from Wegman’s," said Kasper, with a laugh.

A calm night followed a bit of a hectic day out on the roads.

Lancaster County Dispatch said their best guesstimate was more than 50 crash-related calls came in throughout the day.

“It’s pretty slick out here. It’s pretty slushy at first but you can tell that later on, it’s going to ice up so you have to be very cautious out there,” said Jose Munoz of Lancaster.

It's a lesson Mayciann Lopatic, 18, learned for the first time Tuesday.

She said this was her first time driving in the snow.

“I realize now why people drive so slow because [I] used to be like...why are they going so slow? It’s the road, it’s fine. But now I know," said Lopatic, with a laugh.

Temperatures are expected to drop going into Wednesday and Thursday with wind chills expected close to double-digits below zero.

“I will be prepared, yeah, me personally and if anyone is working outside, construction-wise or anything, just outside period, just be sure to bundle up because it’s going to be cold," said Munoz.

One point of concern for Kasper was, as a former teacher, for parents to make sure their children are bundled when or if they go outside.

"We tell them to take all the pets in but you have to make sure your little ones are very warm with mittens and hats because I know how kids are. They bound out the door without anything," said Kasper.

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