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Mail carriers in York County brave frigid temperatures

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WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Some Western Pennsylvania states halted mail delivery on Wednesday due to the frigid temperatures.

However, in Central Pennsylvania postal workers are continuing to make rounds.

“It’s harder to sort the mail just having the extra gear on, having to walk slower, you know, drive slower because of the road conditions definitely makes it a longer day and more of a challenge," said Pam Stover, York County USPS mail carrier.

With more than 900 letters and packages to deliver by the end of the day Stover says she comes to work on cold days with a few tricks up her sleeve.

“I have rubber latex gloves underneath that help seal in moisture to my hands and then I have some old ripped up gloves," said Stover. "It just makes it easier to feel the mail and not stick the wrong mail in the wrong box hopefully," she added.

“It almost gets painful when your skin gets that cold that’s a sign that you gotta get warm and in your truck for a little bit, it’s almost a numbness its beyond tingling where you go into numbness," said Stover.

Stover says she isn’t complaining, though and she truly loves her job no matter what the weather may feel like.

"We never like to lose a day of work because it just makes the next day a lot harder," said Stover.  “It’s a service that we love to provide to people and you know for some customers we might the only person that they see all day long we feel it’s important so we they to make the rounds to everybody that we can.”

USPS officials say as of Wednesday night mail will continue to be delivered in Central Pennsylvania. However, depending on the way weather conditions develop, that could change tomorrow.

Officials are also reminding people to clear their sidewalks and mailbox areas of ice and snow to make it safer for postal workers.

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