Hummelstown volunteer firefighter with special needs is breaking barriers

HUMMELSTOWN, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- A Dauphin County firefighter with special needs is breaking barriers serving his community.

33-year-old Danny Zmitrovich has been working with Hummelstown Fire Department for the last seventeen years.

“I’m like, we’re going! So we grab our gear jump in the truck and go!" said Zmitrovich.  "I like helping out people that need the help so that’s why I do this job for a reason," he added.

Despite having a  learning disability, Zmitrovich is determined  to prove what he can really do.

“Anyone that says no I just say let me see what I can do," said Zmitrovich.

From switching out radio batteries, to checking air cylinders and rolling out the hose, Zmitrovich does everything but go inside of a home to put out a fire.

“We treat Dan just the way we treat any other firefighter here," said Rich Franning Sr., safety officer at Hummelstown Fire Department. “We know what he can do, we know his limitations and we won’t ask him to do anything outside of those limitations," added Franning.

Franning says there's a laughter that Zmitrovich brings to the room even on the toughest days.

“You’ll say something like Danny our chief is having a bad day today, go give him a hug and he’ll go and give him one big bear hug and everybody laughs, he laughs," said Franning.

Zmitrovich says the possibilities are endless.

“Well the world is a test let’s see what we can do, that’s what I like to is have the can do attitude," he added.

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