Neighbors disturbed by KKK flyers found in Carlisle

CARLISLE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- Police in Cumberland County are looking for whoever is responsible for distributing Ku Klux Klan flyers.

Neighbors in Carlisle say they found the flyers on their front lawns this weekend.

We spoke with neighbors on Glendale Street.

According to police, the flyers were also distributed south of Route 11.

Every neighbor we spoke to on Glendale Street said they got one but only one woman was willing to talk to us about it on camera.

"It's mean. It's damaging. It's destructive!" said Maggie McVicker of Carlisle.

McVicker isn't afraid to speak her mind when it comes to the most recent literature distributed in the borough.

"I probably would've been when I was younger. I'm too old to be afraid. I just want to make a stand. I wish I knew what to do cause I would do it," she said.

McVicker is just one neighbor who had a Ku Klux Klan flyer thrown onto their property

She reads it with FOX43 for the first time because a neighbor intervened.

"When he saw this in the driveway, he went around to several houses, mine included, and picked these up off the driveway so we wound't have to be exposed to something like this," she explained.

Police described the flyers as malicious and unsolicited online

Antonio Alatorre of Carlisle called the flyers ludicrous.

"It's 2019. I'm mixed race myself. I'm a mut. I tell people that they ask what I am Native American, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish. For anybody to have any form of hate towards any race is ridiculous to me," said Alatorre.

He says it's a poor influence on people.

"You're spreading negativity throughout the community. It's very negative, and that breeds quickly, especially when it gets into the wrong people's hands, and a lot of people are naive, and maybe they're raised the wrong way, and they see this, and they feel empowered," explained Alatorre.

Tara Fisher of Carlisle is concerned mostly about who did it.

"They might be neighbors or friends because it's kind of a hush hush thing. It's kind of unsettling," she said.

She has her kids in mind.

"They say it takes a village to raise children, and I don't want part of my village to be harboring these prejudices or feelings," added Fisher.

Neighbors say they saw someone in a red car throwing the flyers with bags of birdseed attached from their window.

Officers believe the suspects added birdseed to easily disperse the flyers by throwing them.

That sort of distribution is against the borough's rules and whoever did it could be charged for "scattering rubbish".

Carlisle Borough Councilman Sean Crampsie denounced the fliers over social media tweeting, "Let me be absolutely clear- hate has no place in our community and it is our hope that local law enforcement are able to catch those responsible for these disgusting acts."

Carlisle Police could not speak to the media Sunday night, but say they want to know who did this and encourage anyone with information to give them a call.

Call (717)-243-5252 if you have information on the flyers.

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