Manor Township discusses implementing a marijuana ordinance

MANOR TOWNSHIP, Lancaster County - Township supervisors discussed implementing a marijuana ordinance in a public meeting Tuesday.

Right now, people that are found with a possession of 30 grams of marijuana or less are charged with a misdemeanor offense.

A marijuana ordinance would not decriminalize marijuana but instead it would give officers a choice to charge someone with a misdemeanor offense or give a summary charge, according to Township Police Chief Todd Graeff.

However, not all supervisors are in favor of implementing an ordinance.

"When this came up in the past 30 days or so about marijuana still being considered a gateway drug and into other things and that concerns me," says Township Supervisor Jay Breneman.

"That we're opening the door and I don't know maybe it won't happen but it seems like its going to make it easier for someone to try it and maybe go on to something more difficult."

Supervisors say they hope to make a decision in the three to four months.

They also encourage public input on the matter. Public meetings are held on the first of every month.

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