Traffic light issues in York causing delays

YORK, Pa. -- Construction traffic in York County isn’t the only problem those driving through Rathton Road and South George Street are experiencing.

People say traffic lights with delayed signals are also also causing delays.

“I sat in traffic for about fifteen minutes," said Ryan Miller, York. “It’s very hard to get through in a timely manor," he added.

Some people driving through the intersection say the lights can take a couple of minutes before turning from red to green.

“Pulling up as it turns red and then I am like now I have to wait three or four minutes for it to go through," said Julie Mullecker of York. "This green light here for those turning left stays green forever and then we are stuck here waiting," she added.

“When I crest the hill I either think well it’s either going to be a good day and there is going to be no traffic or I’m going to sit here for fifteen minutes," said Miller.

Others say they haven’t had too many issues.

“It was about forty five seconds coming up George Street this way other than that was it it wasn’t very long at all," said Christopher Weeks.

FOX43 reached out to PennDOT for comment and they replied in part -- “Due to the malfunctioning traffic loop sensors in the pavement, the signals at this intersection have not been functioning optimally for some time. The project that is underway will address the functionality and improve the traffic detection at this signalized intersection.

PennDOT officials say the entire project is expected to wrap up in September of this year.

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