York woman facing fines after someone illegally dumps trash on her property

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YORK, Pa. -- The City of York  is dealing with illegal dumping issues.

Juanita Valle, who lives on East King Street says someone has been throwing bulk items in her backyard for the last few months and now she’s paying fines for not cleaning it up.

Valle says everything from TV’s, bed frames, tires and most recently a mattress  have been dumped in the back alley of her home.

She says she’s paid more than $100 in fines to the City of York for not cleaning it up and has had enough.

“I don’t have the money," said Valle. “I didn’t pay the first fine and it went up to fifty then a month later I got another fine," she added.

According to city officials, York’s Neighborhood Improvement Ordinance prohibits dumping on public or private property and could result in fines even if it’s not your trash.

If trash is illegally dumped on a homeowners property, it is their responsibility to call City Hall and arrange for bulk trash pickup to avoid potential fines.

“Unfortunately once that stuff is dumped on your property, you are responsible for getting rid of it," said Steven Buffington, Deputy Director of Permits, Planning & Zoning, City of York.

Officials say fines start at $25 and go up to $300  or more.

”If we allow these dumpings to stay there just because ‘it isn’t mine’ then we are not addressing the quality of life that we need to address throughout the city," added Buffington.

However, Valle doesn’t believe she should be held responsible.

“For them to come out and fine me and I have to go pay fine after fine it’s frustrating," said Valle. “I can’t afford a camera, I can’t afford to sit up all night to see who is doing it because you never know when it is going happen," she added.

City officials say unless they have proof someone else dumped it, the property owner has to clean it up, or pay the fine.

”Regardless of how it got there  it has to go away," said Buffington.”Residents in the city want a clean sanitary place to live and not have to walk out of the house and look at piles of trash," he added.

If the person responsible is caught they could face up to $1000 in fines.

City officials say bulk trash pick up is free .so if you find someone else's trash on your property, you can call York City Hall to set up an appointment for pick up to avoid any fees.

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