Woman recalls encounter with Jonestown Elementary intruder minutes before he entered the school

JONESTOWN, LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. - Pennsylvania State Police say 23-year-old Tyler Weaber-Haag is facing several charges for three different incidents in Jonestown Thursday. In one of those incidents he entered Jonestown Elementary but before that he was at a woman's house displaying strange behavior.

It was a scary situation for Amanda Wengert as her 14-year-old son got off the school bus and was walking up their driveway Thursday afternoon.

"He said, ‘Mom there's a strange guy out there trying to give me a cell phone,'" said Wengert.

When she looked outside, she saw Weaber-Haag and realized she has seen him standing across from her home earlier that day. This time his behavior was much different.

"He kept saying, ‘Come out here. I've got something to show you,'" said Wengert. "And he was dancing around acting all weird."

Wengert called police and warned them that Weaber-Haag was walking away from her home toward Jonestown Elementary School, where her nine-year-old daughter Ava was.

"It was really scary in lockdown, we were all huddled up together in the corner," said Ava. "Over the loudspeaker they said, ‘This is not a drill!’ twice and so I knew something was wrong right away."

Pennsylvania State Police credit Wengert for getting the ball rolling and calling police when Weaber-Haag was at her home. That call placed troopers closer to Jonestown Elementary when the call came in that he was inside the school with a gun.

PSP is now reminding everyone, no matter where you live, anything can happen.

"If you think something is amiss, call your police, that's why we are there," said Trooper David Beohm. "We will come out and decide if this person is dangerous, just out for a walk, or a new neighbor. That's for the police to decide."

Norther Lebanon School District tells FOX43 they are analyzing Thursday's incident and will make changes to their security plans if needed.

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