Dead car battery calls can double for AAA Central Penn in winter months

SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - The sound of a dead car battery is not what you want to hear when you start your car. AAA of Central Pennsylvania says in the winter months the calls for dead car batteries can easily double on cold days.

"The cold really does a number on a car's battery," said Dave Smith, AAA Central Penn Light Service Fleet Technician. "I've been busy for the last couple weeks."

Smith had four calls Sunday and by mid-afternoon Monday, he was already up to seven. He says the key to keeping your vehicle starting is to look under the hood.

"Just take a look," said Smith. "If you see something that doesn't look like it should be there contact someone who can you take a look."

Along with regular checks under the hood, Smith recommends starting your car everyday when it's cold for at least 15 minutes and also turning off all your car's appliances before shutting down the engine.

"The heater, and the radio, and the wipers and lights," said Smith. "So when you start your car, it's not having any additional taxing on the starting system."

The average car battery lasts about five years, but can last much longer if it is taken care of.

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