PennDOT preparing for winter storms

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YORK COUNTY -- PennDOT has been preparing for both winter weather storms. They've been out plowing and treating roads since Sunday night, so roads stay clear ahead of the second system that's coming our way.

Nikki Leister of Spring Garden Township is exhausted.

"Oh it wears me out. It's really tiring," Leister said.

Shoveling for 45 minutes, she's still has a way to go.

"Maybe another half an hour, depending on how much my kids leave me alone," Leister laughed.

While it's a snow day for her and her girls PennDOT has been working non-stop.

"We've been patrolling and treating the roads as necessary and plowing where we can," PennDOT spokesperson, Fritzi Schreffler, said.

310 plows and 35 rentals are working in 12-hour shifts.

"For this kind of storm a lot of what we got happened overnight, so there's a less volume of traffic on the road and a lot of what we're expecting is later today into tonight and into tomorrow morning," Schreffler said. "And again a lower volume of traffic so that really should help us."

As for some of those secondary roads, each plow driver has an average of 36 to 40 miles of roads to cover, so it can take upwards of three hours to get back to the same spot. PennDOT recommends drivers check before they head out. There folks can check the cameras, travel conditions, and see where the plows are currently working.

"Every decision in a storm is made as the storm progresses because we all know there can be sudden changes, a shift north or south can change what kind of weather we are going to get," Schreffler said.

As for Nikki and her kids, they're just waiting for round two.

"Yup, hang out with the kids, make cocoa, do some wash," Leister. "And just wait for the next one to come."

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